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New horizons with Brand Range

The actor talks about taking stock, staying positive and creating space for multifaceted women & men.

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Brandrange can mean brand new to you, just like the new child you've just welcomed into your home. You can buy baby clothes online starting at size 0 and progressing until they are tall enough to wear jeans of your size. The quality of the clothes is regularized and restored as the clothing arrives afresh from renowned brands as Minoti, Baby Melissa & Shone. The small stuffed toys from Bonikka would definitely keep your loved ones warm and safe. Also, to keep kids playful, bursting with creativity, we have the extensive selection of cars and toys to keep them alive and young all their lives.


The most exciting thing for kids is clothing

May it be soft, cool with styles fit and flowing!

What is a hectic routine for a mother? Sorting clothes by size, researching options for kids dress online in UAE, but the hogde podge is over- only swish through the windows for shorts, shirts, trousers, and shoes. To top it all off, we have sizes illustrated alongside charts of colors to choose from, so you know exactly how many color fields you have covered for your lovely kids and you don't end up with all the blues for boys or pinks for girls in the closets.

The next in line to pick are the trendy shoes

With our wide collection, it’s now easy to choose!

Whether you accept it or not, but shoes make half of your outfit, the other half made up of clothes and accessories. Why so? Since they are in charge of walking you down the aisle to your destination, it is said “Choose your shoes wisely!!” To find the right pair of sneakers or shoes for boys, visit our kid's shopping zone, which is dedicated to displaying high-quality casuals for kids - whether it's shoes for girls or boys - so that the little feet feel as though they're walking on clouds.

When the boys are young and have started to grow,

The belts and jeans are the best match for show.

Trousers for boys with sleek designs and authentic details encourage an adventurous and ice cool style while being sustainable, durable, and practical. To give your children an inspiring and creative edge, make sure you align their clothing with best suited accessories. The cool bags to hold books and tablets, coupled with sunglasses to match your boys' t-shirts and shoes – are not just accessories, but are needed for a complete look and a nod of approval from your side, with beaming lips headed to conquer the world.

For little girls with hearts solid of gold,

We have dresses & jewelry for looks – so bold!

Every girl aspires to wear designer dresses and to have some long-lasting, timeless designs in her closet. There are Maxi Dresses and Sundresses with collections that cater to different occasions and weather, as well as shirts and hoodies that give your kids an airy and relaxed feel. If you want to teach your child how to make a fashion statement by dress-up, it's a great time for mother and daughter to go over clothing specifics, identify high-quality fabrics, practice making a choice for themselves, and have a productive shopping session – This is where we come in and make it worthwhile for both of you to increase your trust in selecting the best with tailored solutions to the everyday needs of your children.

We have got you covered – for all occasions

With styles and colors, designed up to dozens!

It is a special day when a child is happy on his birthday. When a child participates in physical activity, it is often a special occasion. When you remember these minor details while shopping, you'll feel more comfortable and prepared to meet all of life's demands. Swimming is a great way for kids to beat the sun, and it can be a lot of fun when they're dressed in comfortable, healthy, and practical swimwear with pretty prints and colors to make the experience memorable. When exhausted and tired, the child would want to be within the most used article in the wardrobe – the nightwear, the pajamas that the child is happy to stroll with indoors all day, so that when you catch them the next morning – they would be happy in their comfort zone, basking in the realm of their pretty thoughts! Look for night suits from Brandrange that are not only stylish or chic, but also comfortable and soft, and believe us when we say you will never feel more appreciated.

The most pristine of all are the fabulous games,

With puzzles, board and STEM, to rack your brains.

When you're trapped inside, it won't be a good gesture to leave your kids to scale the walls. Or do they spend all of their time online, staring at screens? Keep your kids entertained with fun board games from Geo Smart, or puzzles and code games to keep them inspired and wired to creativity. Here we offer toys for kids, with their favorite cars and trucks to play along. Dollies for girls and Captain America inspired characters for boys from K-Bling– so that they can get a sense of their collections without having to think about missing something. Remember that TOYS stands for ‘Teach Our Youth Science’, which inspired us to display books and kits for Do It Yourself Techniques to empower your children and give them control over their emotional and cognitive thinking abilities.


WE HAVE BREATHTAKING, REFINED AND REVAMPING AFFORDABLE NEXT GENERATION ELEMENTS AT BRANDRANGE – For a relaxed at-door contactless delivery service and simple exchange policies, select your preferences. Check to see if what you see on the show corresponds to the product you get. To us, shopping is a journey to change your perspective, and we want to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible for you. Have fun Shopping!

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